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Red, the proud loud guy we adore (is my amp too high?) no, turn it up more!
— Zubin Sedghi, Welcome to Tally Hall

Joseph Robert Hawley is the rhythm guitarist and one of the vocalists of Tally Hall. He is also the project director for ミラクルミュージカル (Miracle Musical), in addition to this, he has also released a solo comedy hip-hop album under his own name entitled Joe Hawley Joe Hawley.


Joe was born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, MI. He attended Lahser High School, overlapping in his time there with Ross Federman.

He was a film/English double major at the University of Michigan, and graduated in 2005. While at college, he formed the comedy troupe anonyMous and produced the feature film Sargasm, from which many of Tally Hall's early videos were taken.

He was introduced to Rob Cantor their sophomore year through their mutual friend Andrew Laurich, a housemate of Rob and Andrew Horowitz. They sat next to each other in a musicology course, and eventually Rob convinced Joe to join the band he'd formed with Andrew and Zubin Sedghi.

Joe was the one who proposed the name Tally Hall, after the former site of Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

He is a vegetarian, in theory. He's a great, red, original, observant, extrodinary, and rambunctious man.[1]

You can also read Joe's personal bio from an old website in 2006.

Website Bio

"joe is the tally hall moviesmith. a member of SAG, AFTRA, and equity, joe has been fulfilling general showmanship since the tender age of six. the simpsons made fun of him for singing "high hopes" in a children's hospital commercial.

MAJOR: film/english

MINOR: none

COLONEL: popcorn


TALLY HALL'S JOE HAWLEY FACT SHEET DETECTIVE DATABASE ARCHIVE: FACT: joe is the oldest tally. FACT: joe is compiling a cereal cookbook. FACT: joe was senior class president in high school. FACT: joe has had several tragic pets. among them:

1. EDMUND (1999-2001). pac-man frog. ate one of joe's other frogs, CHUCKY. referred to thereafter as CHEDMUND.

2. COTTON (1980-1995). maltese. blind and deaf with no teeth; wandered over to the neighborhood lake. surrounded by a circle of honking geese. finally dispatched by a snapping turtle.

3. DUFFY (2004-2005). betta. DOA upon returning from new jersey.

FACT: in first grade, joe developed a condition known as "nintendo thumb." FACT: joe appeared on "unsolved mysteries." FICTION: joe hates white people. FACT: joe is obsessed with The Infinite.* he's pondering it right now.

  • DID YOU KNOW? "ruler of everything" is a song about time.

TALLY HALL'S EMERGENCY JOE HAWLEY CHECKLIST: 1. double-jointed fingers? Y 2. part-native american? Y 4. three? N


— tallyhall.com 2004 bio.

"joe is the tally hall moviesmith."

— tallyhall.com 2006 bio.


Joe Hawley spearheads the ミラクルミュージカル project, with many of their songs coming from ideas and demos that were written with Tally Hall.


Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum:

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Joe Hawley Joe Hawley:



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