ALL I NEED IS YOU - Rob Cantor

ALL I NEED IS YOU - Rob Cantor

All I Need Is You is the sixth song on Rob Cantor's album Not a Trampoline.

The music video was directed by Randall Maxwell, and features cameos from Ross Federman and Bora Karaca.

Lyrics Edit

The life you want to lead
It’s right beneath your feet
Tonight no shadows fall
See the lightning, heed the call

The world we wish we knew
It’s there in me, it’s there in you
Tonight we come true
Feels so right and feels so new

All I need is you
All I need is you

Adrift, we nearly drowned
But faith, we finally found
Tonight a garden grew
See the green and see the blue

And all that we’ve waited for
And all that we hold in store
Everything starts tonight
We can be final, we can be light


The life we want to lead (I caught onto to something golden)
It’s right beneath our feet (I didn’t know what I was holding)
Fortune and failure, I’m finding my place in the cold
You take me apart and I’m whole


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